ADI was hired by Mortenson Construction to complete the multi-phase demolition of several commercial warehouses located at the 4120 Brighton Blvd site.

Located on the site were several multi story warehouse structures ADI demolished. Total building square footage at this site was 446,744 SF of strucual building demolition. As you can see from the demolition phase map, ADI had to surgically remove portions of the super structures and certain areas of the structures were left intact.

ADI’s skilled project manager had to provide and put into place a detailed work plan, to remove portions of the 75 year old structures, without causing any damage to the portions of the buildings that were going to remain. ADI completed the project on time and with no incidents to personal, the public, or any of the remaining structures located on this site. Duration of this project was an 18-month demolition duration. ADI added this project along with several others to our list of highly satisfied clients, and will be returning to this site in the Summer of 2019, to complete the demolition of a former warehouse building located across the street from this project site.