American Demolition Inc was hired by AURA, a division of the City of Arvada to perform the demolition of the former Arvada Square Shopping Center. Demolition included removal of the former shopping center building which totaled 75,000SF, the former Ralston Road Café which was 4,000SF, and the Former Subway structure which was 1,000SF. Again ADI out performed its competitors, by completing the project on time, in budget, and exceeded the recycling goals set forth on the project. AURA wanted to recycle as much material on this project, to reach LEED goals, ADI reached a 65% recycling goal on all debris diverted from the landfill. Below is a description of what was recycled to be the goals, which was published in the Cities newspaper.

American Demolition Inc takes Recycling and Waste Diversion very serious when approaching Demolition projects. American Demolition uses a specific project approach when it comes to segregating the building materials during the demolition process. American Demolitions skilled operators follow a ‘plan of attack’ to achieve the 65% recycling goal set at the start of the project. During the removal American Demolition crews follow strict demolition guidelines such as dust control throughout the entire demolition process and during the segregation/separation of materials. When demolishing the Arvada Square structures, American Demolitions skilled operators were able to segregate the following items during the demolition process: ferrous metals (such as steel I-beams and Columns), non-ferrous metals (such as copper, wire, and aluminum). American Demolition was able to recycle 65% of the building materials on this project. American Demolition recycled and diverted approx. 406.25 tons of building materials from the local landfills. The amount of debris hauled off from this project was 625 tons. American Demolition was able to fully satisfy its valued clients needs during and throughout this project! Below are quotes from the Managers at AURA, in regards to the performance and ability working with American Demolition Inc!

“You rock!! Thanks Jake” – Maureen Phair – AURA Project Manager

“Thanks for the response, Jake! This is great info. You guys need to toot your horn more often” – Carrie Briscoe AURA – Project Coordinator