The RTD Civic Center Demolition Project consisted of the former RTD Main Bus Terminal located in the heart of downtown Denver. This was the most complex demolition project performed to date. Most of our competitors and other Colorado Demolition contractors did not even attempt to provide pricing or service on this project. American Demolition Inc., was ready and eager to accept the challenge of this complex demolition project. ADI was selected as the MBE, DBE, & SBE certified demolition contractor, to perform the demolition work.

There were multiple levels of the Civic Center Plaza, which included an underground bus terminal. The RTD Civic Demolition project was a very logistically difficult project located in the heart of Downtown Denver area within the Central Business District of Downtown Denver. This required an extensive overview and detailed coordination to meet superior safety regulations. The project involved demolishing the former RTD bus terminal, removal of above-grade public area concrete slabs and vegetation, and selective demolition of the underground parking garage. Connected to the bus terminal was an adjacent multi-story High-rise structure. Several Federal government agencies were in the adjacent building, they all had a bird’s-eye view of American Demolition’s outstanding performance!

American Demolition Inc. had to ensure that the adjacent structure was left intact and unharmed. We are proud to say that American Demolition’s professional demolition experts and team succeeded in every aspect of the project. Our highly-trained operators and staff accomplished every expectation of our clients’ needs throughout the project. ADI excelled in not only completing the work safely, but also on time and without any critical issues. Additionally, we were in a unique position as we were being publicized around the clock by the City and County of Denver, RTD, public and media. The work continued during large special City-planned events, Holidays, and weekends to ensure the schedule was met. Again, for the record, American Demolition Inc. proudly added another highly satisfied client along with another difficult project to our resume!