American Demolition Inc (ADI), was the selected contractor to perform this high-profile demolition project, which included the complete demolition of a 5-story building known as the former Denver Water Administration Building.

ADI was responsible for the demolition, haul off, disposal of the former super structure as well as self-performing the storm water management (SWMP) for the duration of the demolition.

Utilizing a specialized fleet of heavy equipment ADI demolished the 5- story structure and associate site removals totaling 525,000 square feet of building and site demolition. Prior to building demolition, ADI “gutted” the inside of the structure, to ensure the LEEDS recycling goals were met prior to completion. Materials were segregated throughout demolition, loaded as waste, or recycled at designated drop offs. A 60% LEEDS recycling goal was met, ADI was also able to recycle 75% of the building materials from this demolition project. ADI’s skilled team developed and implemented a detailed demolition plan, within this plan ADI described how the structure would be demolished without damaging adjacent buildings that were less than 20 feet away from the Office building being demolished. Again, the ADI team excelled our client’s expectations by safely and efficiently demolishing the Former Admin building on the Denver Water campus.

ADI coordinated closely with City and County of Denver to ensure proper SWMP was followed. Our Stormwater Management Employees, managed and implemented all erosion control measures from the start of the project to final stabilization. Weekly and Monthly audits were conducted throughout the time on site to display the true priority of protecting water quality from discharge of pollutants. The attention to detail during the duration of the project ensured no risk to water quality.

All necessary controls and safety precautions were implemented and followed which led to successfully completing the project with zero injuries. American Demolition Inc completed another high-profile demolition project and added another satisfied client to our portfolio.