American Demolition Inc (ADI) completed demolition of three separate buildings at the former Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Headquarters, creating space for the development of mixed-use properties on the newly cleared 27 acres.

ADI was responsible for the demolition, haul-off, disposal of contaminated soil, and stormwater management (SWMP). Utilizing a fleet of equipment ADI demolished the multi-story structures totaling 496,000 square feet of buildings that were demolished, which included the 6-story former CDOT headquarters building, built in the early 1950s. Materials were segregated throughout demolition, loaded as waste or recycled at designated drop-offs; a portion of the clean concrete slabs was crushed onsite and placed across the building footprint, which served as final stabilization under the SWMP regulation, for each building demolished. ADI was able to recycle 80% of the concrete and building materials from this demolition project.

ADI and CDOT coordinated closely with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to ensure proper SWMP. ADIs Stormwater Management Employees, managed and implemented all erosion control measures from the start of the project to final stabilization. Weekly and Monthly audits were conducted throughout the time on-site to display the true priority of protecting water quality from the discharge of pollutants. The attention to detail during the duration of the project ensured no risk to water quality.

All necessary control measurements and safety precautions were in place. The individual workers played vital roles in completing the project with the spirit “safety is embraced and implemented every single day”. And it’s worth all the effort: zero injuries. American Demolition Inc is so proud to complete another high profile demolition project and add another satisfied client to our achievements.