American Demolition Inc was the general contractor for this massive abatement and demolition project, known as the Westminster Mall Phase 1 and 2 Abatement and Demolition Project. American Demolition Inc has successfully completed 6 of the last 7 Malls that have been demolished over the past 8 years in the Colorado Region. This project was by far the largest. During the Phase 1 Demolition, American Demolition Inc had to demolish portions of the superstructure commercial buildings around the corridor of the former mall, while the corridor was still being occupied by the public. Once the Phase 2 Demolition had begun, American Demolition Inc began the massive demolition project, which was a 27-acre site, totaling over 1 Million Square feet of building demolition. The project began in July of 2011 and was complete in mid-2013. Not only did American Demolition Inc demolish and remove the entire mall, but ADI also completed the demolition and removal of several commercial structures surrounding the mall site (these structures were demolished and were additionally initiated by the owner). With all expertise and experiences, ADI has completed a project of this magnitude, professionalism with outstanding performance.