Demolition and Abatement Solutions

When you’re looking for a demolition company, make sure they are keeping up with the safety needs of the project, employees, as well as having a multitude of certifications and being environmentally conscious.

American Demolition is setting the standard for all of these criteria.


Increasingly stringent rules and regulations on construction and demolition waste, diminishing landfill space and depletion of natural resources are all reasons for the push for C&D waste recovery. Salvaging materials for reuse can be both an economical and environmentally sound alternate to waste stream disposal. Diverted from the landfill, building materials such as old wood and bricks, cardboard or paper, as well as scrap metal have value. In addition, recycling C&D waste can help builders and developers to meet certain goals associated with Green Building directives under the USGBC LEED program. ADDS can salvage building materials for reuse.

Todays market is strong for all types of metals and beams, which can be reused for building materials or used for other types of steel manufacturing. Baled cardboard, wood, asphalt, concrete, & brick are other types of material ADDS recycles. Recycling or salvaging demolition debris not only diverts materials from the landfill, but it also saves energy and environmental impacts of producing new products from virgin materials.



Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
US Dept of Transportations Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program is intended to ensure nondiscrimination in the award and administration of DOT-assisted contracts concerning highway, transit, airport, and highway safety; leveling the playing field, improve flexibility, and efficiency of the program and reduce burdens on small businesses.


Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise
Colorados Minority and Women-owned Business Program is to promote development of existing and new minority business across the state and to establish a network for distribution of information listing references that are available to help businesses.


Small Business Enterprise with RDT
RTDs Small Business Program is meant to create a level playing field on which to compete fairly for locally funded contracts by ensuring nondiscrimination in the award and administration of the Districts construction contracts, professional service contracts, and the procurement of common goods and services.


American Demolition Inc, is licensed in nearly every City and Municipality in the Colorado region, to perform any type of structural demolition. American Demolition Inc, also has a Class A Demolition License, we are one of the very few contractors that hold this license without any history of violations with this license. Because American Demolition Inc holds this license, we are able to complete and have successfully self-performed Multi-Story Building Demolition projects, with NO limitation on size or height. Most of our competitors do not carry this license due to lack of experience on large scale building demolition projects or involving past violations while holding this license, so others are only issued a Class B License. The Class B License limits the contractors from performing building demolition of structures no larger than 30 feet in height from grade. Other Competitors also “hire” a Class A License holder on a project by project basis, which puts the client at risk due to competitors not having the know-how or experience to work on large scale building demolition projects, on a day to day basis. Not American Demolition Inc, our license holders have been working with the American Demolition Inc team since the business started, which gives our clients the security and peace of mind they need when we are hired to complete a large scale building demolition project. Please visit our past project page to see us in action on projects where our Class A Demolition License was utilized.


ADI safety is more than a slogan, it's a company-wide commitment. Our past record demonstrates this commitment. Our exclusive in-house safety program includes a mandatory pre-employment training for our employees as well as forty hours of annual safety workshop providing our employees with constant updates. Our involvement with several safety organizations enables us to remain current in industry safety standards. Wherever and whenever specific training is called for, our accredited instructors are available to insure that all personnel meet not only government standards, but also rigid company standards. A semi-annual quality control review program, including annual physicals, and employee safety incentive plan provides continual awareness of our strict safety operating procedures. From standard written safety procedures (both in English/ Spanish) to site-specific pre-job training, we practice safety. We believe in safety, we practice safety.

We believe in safety because SAFETY IS 1ST!

Safety applies not only to our personnel, but also to our fleet of equipment. Strict maintenance schedules, equipment replacement policies, and staff insure that when our equipment arrives, the project will be completed efficiently and safely. Many contractors talk safety, but we deliver Safety WORRY-FREE!


Additionally, our insurance coverage serves to safeguard our clients and employees in the event of a catastrophic loss. Existing policy limits meet or exceed all statutory and client requirements.
Workers Comp. General Liability Contractors Pollution Liability Auto Liability, & Our General Liability policies insure our clients they are covered and the project no matter the size is insured. Additional umbrellas are available when required.

Our Commitment To Safety

Here at ADI, we pride ourselves on our safety-first mindset. Keeping up to date with the most recent training and focusing on continuing education for all employees helps to avoid any problems while on site. It is critical for all employees to be up to date on not only government standards, but also with the rigorous standards of the company.

Safety isn't just a mindset, or a set of guidelines; safety is something has to be practiced both on and off the work-site. This includes routine maintenance andn inspection schedules for all of our equipment and machinery. Having every piece of equipment in tip-top shape guarantees efficacy, reliability, and safety. We believe that talk and practice are two different things, and we are proud to demonstrate our teams knowledge of current practices.