American Demolition Inc, is licensed in nearly every City and Municipality in the Colorado region, to perform any type of structural demolition. American Demolition Inc, also has a Class A Demolition License, we are one of the very few contractors that hold this license without any history of violations with this license. Because American Demolition Inc holds this license, we are able to complete and have successfully self-performed Multi-Story Building Demolition projects, with NO limitation on size or height. Most of our competitors do not carry this license due to lack of experience on large scale building demolition projects or involving past violations while holding this license, so others are only issued a Class B License. The Class B License limits the contractors from performing building demolition of structures no larger than 30 feet in height from grade. Other Competitors also “hire” a Class A License holder on a project by project basis, which puts the client at risk due to competitors not having the know-how or experience to work on large scale building demolition projects, on a day to day basis. Not American Demolition Inc, our license holders have been working with the American Demolition Inc team since the business started, which gives our clients the security and peace of mind they need when we are hired to complete a large scale building demolition project. Please visit our past project page to see us in action on projects where our Class A Demolition License was utilized.