Increasingly stringent rules and regulations on construction and demolition waste, diminishing landfill space and depletion of natural resources are all reasons for the push for C&D waste recovery. Salvaging materials for reuse can be both an economical and environmentally sound alternate to waste stream disposal. Diverted from the landfill, building materials such as old wood and bricks, cardboard or paper, as well as scrap metal have value. In addition, recycling C&D waste can help builders and developers to meet certain goals associated with Green Building directives under the USGBC LEED program. ADDS can salvage building materials for reuse.

Todays market is strong for all types of metals and beams, which can be reused for building materials or used for other types of steel manufacturing. Baled cardboard, wood, asphalt, concrete, & brick are other types of material ADDS recycles. Recycling or salvaging demolition debris not only diverts materials from the landfill, but it also saves energy and environmental impacts of producing new products from virgin materials.